Better Together

Combining the very best ACS, ASPIS, and ACT offers to provide you unmatched access control.

Combined logos of ACS, SAPIS, and ACT.

Welcome to Guardian Access Solutions

Access Control Technologies is now part of the Guardian Access Solutions™ Family

In January of 2022, Tennessee-based company Access Control Systems acquired Access Control Technologies just a few months after bringing ASPIS Parking Solutions into the fold. After a lot of hard work integrating these amazing companies together, we’re proud to introduce Guardian Access Solutions. With these acquisitions, we’re able to serve a much larger area. You’ll find us in three states now: Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida but we also service Kentucky, Alabama, the Carolinas and other areas. We’ll go where you need us. 

With our combined years of experience, technical expertise, and industry knowledge, you can rest assured the service you’ll receive is the absolute pinnacle of all that’s available. Just think: From coded entry gates to overhead doors, from easy-pay parking technology to full-coverage surveillance cameras, we can now design, install and service it all.

Give us a call today and let us show you what the new Guardian Access Solutions has to offer!