Residential access is a Guardian Access Solution specialty, whether you need custom automated gates for a single estate or an integrated entry, parking, and monitoring solution for apartment buildings and complexes, gated communities and homeowners’ associations, or the neighborhood clubhouse or country club and pools.

Residential Access Design

The wide range of products and solutions from Guardian for residential structures means you only need one call to get them all. Whether you need to incorporate security and access features in the design and construction of the property or you need to add the solutions to an existing structure, we can help.
Gated entry with security door for residential property.

Residential Access Control

Protecting Estates and Gated Properties

Single-family estates and homes can enjoy all the protection and peace of mind that Guardian offers, from custom access gates and entry permissions to camera systems and CCVE monitoring. Our technicians can design and fabricate gates according to your home’s design and style, so you can be sure the entire aesthetic matches.
Residential electric gate with remote-click entry.

Access Solutions for Apartment Buildings and Complexes

Access control systems are important for apartment buildings and complexes. With gated access and RFID readers, residents and guests can enter freely with proximity recognition, while anyone uninvited is kept out. Doors can also allow entry by card or proximity readers for an additional step of protection. Add camera and CCVE systems and your residents will feel secure at all times.
Gated entry at apartment complex

Secure Gated Communities

Whether you’re developing a gated community or part of a homeowners’ association that would like to install a gated access system, Guardian has you covered. Our technicians can help design and fabricate gates to match the aesthetic of your planned or existing community. Gated access points can use RFID to allow cars through when they’re in proximity of the reader, while guests can either use proximity passes, key in a code, or use a guest keycard. Neighborhood security cameras can also be monitored in a central location through CCVE systems for additional resident security.
Residential Access gate installed by Guardian