Hospitals and medical centers need surveillance cameras, parking control, entry gates, doors, and access controls to keep patients and staff safe. Guardian Access Solutions is well-versed in hospital and medical center safety. We provide equipment installation and monitoring covering all access points within and on the premises.

What is the Importance of Security in Healthcare?

While security is likely the least of their worries, hospital patients and visitors are vulnerable during their stay and need high levels of care and safety.

70% of emergency room nurses and 47% of emergency room doctors report they have been physically assaulted while on the job. Your staff must receive the best possible protection so they can do their jobs without fear. Healthcare security protects medical professionals, patients, and visitors. Without adequate security measures, hospitals and medical facilities become easy targets for the theft of medical equipment, medication, and the personal belongings of patients and staff.

CCTV sercurity camera with blured background.

What are the Security Challenges in the Healthcare Industry?

Hospitals must identify their security challenges to prevent violence against healthcare workers or property. Some of the most common security challenges in the healthcare industry today include unwanted entry of those who are not patients, staff, or others invited to be there, lost or confused patients who wander, unrestricted access to patient rooms, and those with violent intentions.
Keycard lays against a card reader to gain access through a security door.

How Can Hospitals Improve Safety?

A risk assessment is first when a healthcare organization takes steps to ensure patient safety. Healthcare organizations are required to perform these security risk assessments, per the Security Management Process section of the HIPAA Security Rule. Once a risk assessment has been completed, the corrective action plan advises which improvement measures should be implemented.
Dual exterior security cameras face different directions for optimal security coverage.


Access Control

Elevator access control, door entry control, and a parking solution are crucial to the security of any healthcare facility. Access control systems like keycard entry and biometric security reduce access to private areas and limit visitors.
Person scans their badge to gain entry through a security door.


CCVE systems should monitor spaces within your medical center that aren’t access controlled. The loading dock for medical equipment or deliveries, the corridors, perimeter, and parking lot should be covered by video surveillance.

Visible cameras and security checkpoints create a sense of safety among employees while deterring illegal activities. At Guardian, we make your system as visible or invisible as you need it to be.

CCTV sercurity camera with blured background.

Children’s Hospital Security

An infant security system that uses proximity sensors and biometric security features can prevent newborns from being abducted by non-custodial parents or strangers.
Dual exterior security cameras face different directions for optimal security coverage.

Secure Parking

Gated entry with video surveillance and intercoms protect employees, patients, and their vehicles. Controlling who is allowed on the property adds a level of security before you even walk into the medical facility.
A medical worker stands in a parking garage looking for their vehicle.