Imagine the power and protection you receive with the integration of our access control, parking equipment, cameras, and overhead doors at public and private airports, train stations, public transit stations, and rental car facilities.

Transportation Security

We can install a variety of barriers, turnstiles, and other equipment too. With our service and technology at the ready, you can better serve your visitors and protect your parking revenue streams.
Closed-caption television security camera with a top of the road view.

Access Control for Transportation Facilities

Access Control for Airports

Public and private airports can really benefit from the access control expertise that Guardian Access Solutions brings to the table. From the front of the airport to the cargo loading area, Guardian offers products and technology to make passengers, pilots, and staff safe and secure. Cameras and CCVE monitoring systems keep watch over everyone throughout the airport property, including the parking structures. Those parking structures could also contain equipment to control traffic and generate revenue, as well as RFID technology to allow personnel through as they approach the gates. Overhead doors make loading and unloading baggage and food carts a breeze.
Parking area plate reader for increased parking security.

Public Transit and Train Station Security Technology

The same solutions at work in airports also apply to public transit and train stations. Parking structures can allow personnel through while access control technology manages traffic flow and increases revenue through card readers. Camera systems and CCVE monitoring help keep all within the premises safe and secure. Access control technology can even determine who can enter passenger areas, including permissions for entering trains and buses.
Multiple monitors sharing CCTV feed for building security.

Rental Car Facility Access Control

Rental car facilities have very specific access control needs, from parking structure entry and exit for various rental brands, CCVE monitoring of all assets such as cars and equipment, and overhead doors for ease of entry and storage with larger rental equipment. Proximity permissions can be granted for vehicles entering and exiting the facilities to eliminate friction for better traffic control. Payment equipment can read cards for self-service where possible to speed up the rental process. Varying permissions can also be granted to facilities with multiple rental car brands to keep assets in their correct locations at all times.
Outdoor gate arm security.