Guardian Access Solutions provides industry leading automated gate systems, access control, parking equipment, cameras, and overhead doors that work together seamlessly for a wide range of properties.

Protect and monitor apartment communities and mixed-use buildings, gyms, restaurants, storage facilities, industrial complexes, arenas and stadiums, shopping centers and office parks, all with our top-of-the-line equipment and second-to-none service.

Solution Design for Commercial Spaces

The Guardian team can help devise an access control solution for a wide range of commercial spaces and premises. Whether during construction or applied to existing structures, our custom gate access, parking control, camera and CCVE systems, and overhead doors work together to protect you, your property, your assets, and your customers or guests. If your perfect solution doesn’t yet exist, our technicians can design and fabricate custom gates and access systems for entryways, parking structures, and more.
Parking gate arm for restricted business parking.

Security for a Wide Range of Businesses

The products and services we provide make Guardian unique in the security industry. Instead of cobbling together solutions from various providers—a custom access gate here with security cameras from another provider and a parking solutions contract with yet another company—Guardian has your commercial space covered. This means all commercial structures and complexes benefit from Guardian’s expertise, from a single commercial space to sprawling mixed-use buildings, shopping centers, and sports arenas.
Parking barrier with badge and ticket scan access.

Multi-Use Security for Multi-Use Buildings

Guardian really shines in multi-use buildings with residential, office, retail, medical, recreational, and industrial all in one. Our solutions can be customized to address the specific needs of each business type, from resident safety to medical records security with a combination of cameras and CCVE monitoring, access control technology, parking control and monetization equipment, and more. There’s no need to organize several different security solutions from various companies; Guardian Access Solutions can do it all.
Dual exterior security cameras face different directions for optimal security coverage.

Access Control Systems for Commercial Premises

Secure Parking Access

Entry and exit terminals from Guardian use the latest technology to process vehicle traffic quickly and accurately from residents and visitors. Card readers provide access to customers, while guest and residential passes can be processed by proximity scanners. Bar code scanners are also available to process prepaid parking reservations. Commercial and mixed-use building parking solutions have never been easier.
Parking barrier for gated entry service.