Industry Security

No matter the industry, no matter the need, Guardian Access Solutions can provide the access technology you need to keep your business, guests, and employees safe.

Guardian provides top-quality access and commercial security systems to protect your guests and their belongings.

Access Control Systems for Commercial Premises

Make the most of one, several, or all our specialties within your commercial premises. 

Guardian Access Solutions provides industry leading automated gate systems, access control, parking equipment, cameras, and overhead doors that work together seamlessly for a wide range of properties.

Parking barrier with badge and ticket scan access.

Residential Access

Our industry-leading equipment and reliable service and maintenance will ensure residents and visitors remain secure.

Residential access is a Guardian Access Solution specialty, whether you need custom automated gates for a single estate or an integrated entry, parking, and monitoring solution for apartment buildings and complexes, gated communities and homeowners’ associations, or the neighborhood clubhouse or country club and pools.

Gated entry with security door for residential property.

Security Systems for Transportation

Our products and services work together perfectly for the transportation industry. 

Imagine the power and protection you receive with the integration of our access control, parking equipment, cameras, and overhead doors at public and private airports, train stations, public transit stations, and rental car facilities.

Closed-caption television security camera with a top of the road view.

Hospital and Health Care Surveillance and Security Systems

Hospitals and medical centers need surveillance cameras, parking control, entry gates, doors, and access controls to keep patients and staff safe. Guardian Access Solutions is well-versed in hospital and medical center safety. We provide equipment installation and monitoring covering all access points within and on the premises.

A medical worker stands in a parking garage looking for their vehicle.

Security Systems for Municipalities and Government

Security is paramount in all government sectors. Guardian Access Solutions provides the planning and equipment to ensure all government and municipality premises, staff members, and government employees are safe.

Whether you want a security system worked into the design of a new government facility or need to upgrade an existing facility’s security, Guardian has you covered. Easily control who enters and exits government facilities With access control gates, CCVE surveillance, and secure parking.

Access authorization through entry points inside the building with personnel badges or keycards.

Security Systems for Campus and Educational Facilities

There has never been a greater need for enhanced security on a school campus. Guardian Access Solutions has the experience and expertise to make sure your facilities, educators, and students are always safe and secure. With an integrated system of surveillance cameras and access control units, you can control who is allowed on campus and react quickly when necessary.

Person scans their badge to gain entry through a security door.

Security Systems for Hotel and Hospitality

Guardian Access Solutions provides top-quality hotel access and commercial security systems to protect your guests and their belongings.

The Guardian team can help design hotel security to protect the premises, employees, and customers with access control systems, secure parking, and surveillance cameras.

Authorized elevator access with scanner access through security.

Guardian Access Solutions

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