Maintenance & Service

Keep your biggest assets safe and secure with innovative and customized access control solutions for any industry.

Secure your entire property or development inside and out with a vast array of access control options, from gated entry and parking management to internal door permissions and CCVE.

Guardian Access Solutions

Gated Entry Services

Our team can design, install, and service your system, whether you need a single access point gate or a complete integrated access control system for a school or hospital.

Gated entry with motion gate and lift arm.

Guardian Access Solutions

Access Control Services

Whether you need access control technology installations with badge entry systems or overhead doors on loading and unloading docks, Guardian Access Solutions can do it.

Fingerprint security access control system to gain entry access to authorized location.

Guardian Access Solutions

Commercial Overhead Doors

Several types of commercial or industrial overhead doors are used for various applications and industries. Guardian Access Solutions can install new commercial overhead doors in your facility, or we can work with your architect to ensure a seamless design and installation.

Commercial overhead door with electronic open and close.

Guardian Access Solutions

CCVE / Video Surveillance Services

Commercial CCVE systems have come a long way since introduced for commercial use. Newer technology provides a high-megapixel video that can capture any activity in and around your premises.

Corner moutned exterior carmera system with flood lights below it.

Guardian Access Solutions

Parking Management Solutions

Gated entry into parking areas, well-lit areas under video surveillance, and a comprehensive parking management system improve parking lot security. A quality secure parking solution combines entry and exit terminals, payment kiosks, license plate recognition cameras and software, and more.

Commercial overhead door with electronic open and close.

Guardian Access Solutions

Preventive Maintenance and Support

Instead of waiting for security equipment to break down, let’s be proactive. Preventive maintenance saves you money by averting significant repairs. We know the safety and security of your customers, employees, and guests are a priority, so you’ll love our Preventive Maintenance Plan.

CCTV maintenance and directional support.

Guardian Access Solutions

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