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As the Southeast braces for another season of intense storms, Guardian Access Solutions believes it’s the perfect time to discuss how to keep your security installations safe and efficient, even when Mother Nature decides to put on a show.

Storm-Proof Your Security

It’s no secret that lightning storms, tornados, and hurricanes can pack a serious punch. Here’s how you can weatherproof your security installations:

Gates & Overhead Doors

  • Apply a protective lubricant to all moving parts. This minimizes rust and corrosion and ensures they open and close smoothly during harsh weather.
  • Consider a backup battery for electric gates to keep things moving if the power goes out.
  • Swing gates should be secured at the end of the gate frame opposite the hinges.
  • Slide gates should be opened and powered down.
  • Barrier gates should have the arms removed and stored in a wind-protected location.

Access Control

  • Keep your access control devices sheltered. Consider installing a protective covering to mitigate exposure to the elements.
  • Reinforce mounting brackets and hardware to ensure your access control systems can withstand high winds and heavy rain.
  • Check that all openings and junction boxes are properly sealed. This will help prevent water intrusion, which could cause electrical short circuits.
  • Surge protectors can help protect your access control systems from power surges often accompanying lightning storms.
  • Make sure the backup power source for your access control system is functioning properly. This could be a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) or a generator. This is crucial to ensure your system remains operational despite a power outage.
  • Conduct regular system checks to ensure all access control system components function as they should. This includes testing card readers, keypads, locks, and other components.


  • Adjust Camera Angles: High winds can cause cameras to shift. Ensure your cameras are securely fastened and pointed in the right direction to capture crucial footage.
  • Check Power and Data Cables: Ensure all cables are properly secured and shielded from the elements. Loose cables can be easily damaged during a storm.
  • Install Surge Protectors: Like access control systems, surge protectors can help safeguard your CCVE/CCTV system from power surges during storms.
  • Ensure they’re securely fastened to withstand strong winds. If they’re wireless, ensure the signal strength is robust enough to handle stormy conditions.
  • Upgrade to Weather-Resistant Cameras designed to withstand harsh conditions.

Parking Equipment

  • Make sure the housing of your parking equipment, like ticket machines and barriers, is weatherproof and properly sealed to prevent water intrusion.
  • Ensure your backup power systems are in good working order to continue operating during power outages.
  • Loose items can become projectiles in high winds. Secure any loose items in the vicinity of your parking equipment.

Remember, preparedness is the best way to minimize damage from severe weather. By taking these steps, you can ensure your access control systems function optimally in every season.

The Power of Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Care is a smart business practice for dealing with the lightning season. According to the Florida Climate Center, “Virtually all summer rainstorms are accompanied by thunder and lightning. No other part of the nation has more thunderstorm activity than Florida. There are over 80 days of thunder and lightning. Central Florida’s frequency of summer thunderstorms equals that of the world’s maximum thunderstorm areas: Lake Victoria region of equatorial Africa and the middle of the Amazon basin”.

Just like we visit the doctor for check-ups, your security installations need regular TLC too.

Before the storm: 
Schedule a maintenance check to ensure everything is in tip-top shape. This includes checking all electrical connections, testing battery backups, and ensuring all parts work properly.

After the storm: 
Give everything a good once-over to look for potential damage. Clear away any debris that might have piled up around your equipment. If anything seems amiss, call in a professional to take a look.

Upgrade to New

Access Control manufacturers like Lift-Master, Door King, HIKVision, and Motorola Solutions have recently introduced new equipment with improved features and benefits, efficiency, durability, stronger integration, improved features, and more. Guardian Access Solutions keeps up-to-date with the latest equipment enhancements. Please contact us for a free proposal to upgrade your Access Control equipment and systems.

Stay safe out there!