Video intercom on the gate at the entrance to apartment community.

Tenants in a community area have a sense of togetherness, safety in numbers, and close living quarters. At times, it’s hard to believe that someone with ill intent lives in your community or is able to access your property. Sadly, it happens more than we know.

In Florida, more than 240,000 break-ins occurred in 2020. In Georgia, that was even higher at more than 290,000. What’s worse is units on the bottom floor of an apartment building are the first choice for break-ins.

Apartment Access Control Matters

Security is a growing concern, and it’s not only about protecting your physical possessions—it’s about safeguarding your peace of mind. As apartment living becomes increasingly popular, access control systems have emerged as the modern solution to these challenges.

Access control in apartments refers to methods and systems that regulate entry and exit from residential buildings and community areas. Only allowing authorized individuals to access community living areas, such as the main entrance or parking garage, detracts burglars and thieves from attempting entry.

Sustain a safe and exclusive environment for fitness centers or community amenities by limiting access to those with permission, safeguarding property from damage that could otherwise be accessible by the general public.

Access Control Options for Apartment Communities

When it comes to the security of your apartment community, it’s not about locking doors and hoping for the best. Property access control is a comprehensive suite of technologies and strategies designed to fortify the safety of your apartment complex and residents. Entry access control gate installed at apartments by Guardian.

The equipment, systems, and methods available work independently, but together, they are a shield of protection. These include:

  • Gated Entry: As the first line of defense, gated entry systems and equipment effectively restrict unauthorized access. Beyond the visual impact, gates provide a fundamental layer of security that sets the tone for the safety of your entire community.
  • Cloud Access Control: Cloud access control takes security beyond the keycards and entry codes. Cloud access control takes your apartment community to the digital realm, where remote management access permissions simplify and streamline authorized access.
  • Smart Device Apps: Residents hold the power to unlock doors and gates with smart device apps. This seamless integration of technology enhances convenience and puts control in the hands of those who matter—residents and property managers. Plus, no more lost keycards or forgotten codes.

These options not only safeguard against potential threats but also elevate every resident’s experience.

Apartment Building Access Control

With every shared amenity and common space, the importance of maintaining a safe environment grows more urgent. With access controlled entry, you are able to control not only who has permission to enter property locations but also when.

With various controlled access methods available, you get to choose which option(s) work best for your property.

Keycards or Fobs

Keycards and fobs have become the modern equivalent of the traditional key but with a significant upgrade. Equipped with RFID technology, these cards and fobs grant access to the building or specific areas, all while enhancing security.

Each card or fob has a unique code allowing only authorized residents and individuals to open the door or controlled access area. This fusion of convenience and security redefines how we interact with community living areas.

Biometric Systems

Your fingerprints, retinal patterns, and facial features become your keys with biometric access control systems. As a result, there is no need to remember codes or carry cards with your biological markers providing your access.
These systems not only elevate security to an unprecedented level but also offer the reassurance of a foolproof identification process.

Keypad Entry

Keypad with intercom feature installed at apartment for access control. Entry codes revolutionized access control, offering a secure way for authorized individuals to enter without needing physical keys. With a few taps on the keypad, access to your community area is open.

Whether it’s a numeric code known only to you or a temporary code created for a visitor, keypad entry guarantees that access is limited to those with permission.

As apartments evolve as vibrant communities, keypad entry embraces the essence of modern living with convenience, security, and the power of personalization.

Cloud-Based Access Control

Cloud-based access control provides real-time monitoring of every entrance, exit, and movement. You’re in the loop, whether it’s the main entrance, parking garage, or communal spaces.

GlobeSt reports that more than 80% of the US worries about crime, demanding robust security measures and cloud-based access control answers that call with finesse. With instant notifications, activity logs, and alerts, you have a continuous and comprehensive view of who is coming and going.

Real-time Monitoring: Continuous community monitoring secures your property and fosters a sense of security among community residents.

Remote Access Management: With remote access management, you hold the reins from your smartphone or computer. You have control, whether it’s letting a friend in or providing temporary access for maintenance.

Temporary Access for Guests: Cloud-based management simplifies guest access, allowing you to authorize access to visitors to enter your property while limiting where they have access and the timeframe the pass is good for.

Choosing Apartment Access Control Systems

When it comes to the safety of your property and the well-being of your residents, the choice of access control system holds paramount importance. With over 2.5 million burglaries reported annually in the U.S., safeguarding your community becomes more than just a consideration—it’s necessary.

These figures highlight the urgency of implementing property access control solutions. Not having these systems in place will expose your property and residents to unnecessary risks.

Understanding your residents’ distinct needs and your property’s location will guide you in selecting the right system(s). Here are additional key considerations:

  • Security Needs: Reflect on your surroundings – urban hustle or suburban calm?
  • Scalability: Ensure your system grows as your community does.
  • User-Friendliness: Opt for simplicity in interface and usage.
  • Integration: Look for compatibility with other security features like CCTV and CCVE.

At Guardian Access Solutions, we stand ready to partner in enhancing your property’s security. Whether you’re adding or upgrading access control systems, we are committed.

Contact us today for secure, convenient, and stress-free access control integration. Your community’s safety is our priority.