Hospital parking entry parking barrier arm with blurred car in background.

The safety and security of your parking areas extend far beyond convenience. Parking areas for your healthcare facility are integral to the overall security and functioning of your facility. Understanding the importance of this is crucial to implementing solutions that enhance the well-being and protection of your healthcare employees, patients, and visitors.

Safety in Unsecured Parking Areas

Healthcare facilities, while zones of healing and care, face unique security challenges, particularly in parking areas. FBI data reveals that parking structures are the third most common site for assaults and homicides in the U.S.

Secure parking is enhanced by incorporating gated entrances, complemented by comprehensive video surveillance and intercom systems. This setup safeguards employees, patients, and their vehicles, effectively managing access to the property. These measures boost security, instilling a sense of safety well before one steps foot into the medical facility.

Layered Approach to Property Security

An effective security strategy in healthcare settings hinges on a knowledgeable team that is keenly aware of existing security gaps, equipped to identify necessary control access features, and skilled in maximizing safety while optimizing efforts. This human insight, combined with the deployment of advanced technologies, creates a security approach that is both comprehensive and efficient.

Parking garage with cars in the background in an automatic gate closure area, with gate in the upright position. To create a robust security ecosystem, consider the following:

  • Access Control Systems: Proactively managing people entering and leaving using access control systems is vital. These systems, integrated with HR management and surveillance, only give authorized personnel access to approved areas​​.
  • Mass Notification Systems: Communication during emergencies is the difference between positive and negative outcomes. Mass notification systems rapidly disseminate crucial information​​, quickly and effectively setting life-saving measures into motion.
  • Surveillance Technologies: Modern surveillance goes beyond passive monitoring. With capabilities like heat mapping and real-time motion detection, these systems proactively enhance security​​.
  • Visitor Management Systems: Advanced systems limit visitor access based on patient location, integrating with alert systems for increased safety​​.

Addressing Parking Garage Safety

Parking garages at healthcare facilities present specific security challenges. There are over 1,400 reported crimes a day in parking areas, and more than 50,000 automobile accidents occur in parking areas a year, resulting in over 500 deaths and over 60,000 injuries.

Technologies like high-quality surveillance cameras, emergency call boxes, and well-planned lighting to mitigate these risks are paramount for the safety of all those on the premises. These measures are not only deterrents but also provide a sense of security and reassurance to those using the facilities.

Medical facilities improve safety through risk assessments and incorporating corrective action plans​​​​. Evaluate the various security challenges your parking area has. This is a critical proactive strategy in preventing violence against healthcare workers, visitors, and your property.

Key solutions to consider when strategizing the safety of your parking area:

  • Customized Design and Installation for Your Parking Systems: Start with a customized strategy that fits the unique needs of your location. Look for comprehensive guidance from design to installation so your parking management system is perfectly tailored to your site.
  • Enhancing Your Parking Lot Security: Elevate your parking area with gated access, well-lit conditions, and thorough video surveillance. Integrating entry and exit points with visitor and patient access solutions such as payment kiosks and advanced license plate recognition to bolster safety and efficiency.
  • Parking garage parking sensor with License Plate Recognition above vehicles.Streamlined Entry and Exit for Your Visitors and Staff: Employ state-of-the-art technology at your entry terminals for quick and accurate processing. Exit terminals with multiple payment options, including credit cards, enhance the exit experience, speed, and efficiency. Consider touchless options for staff, prioritizing both safety and productivity.
  • Convenient Validation Solutions for Enhanced Experience: Offer self-scan, intelligent stickers, and online validation options, adding convenience for visitors and staff.
  • License Plate Recognition for Secure Monitoring: Keep track of vehicles entering and exiting your facility with LPR (License Plate Recognition) systems, helping enforce parking permits and alerting potential security issues.
  • Flexible Parking Management Software for Your Facility: Use SmartPark, a versatile software solution for controlling, tracking, and reporting parking usage. It’s capable of managing various services, catering to diverse needs, including valet and loyalty programs.
  • Effective Access Control and Surveillance Systems: Implement keycard and biometric systems to manage access within your healthcare facility. Supplement these with CCVE systems to monitor areas like parking lots, which is crucial for deterring unauthorized activities and ensuring overall safety.

Safe Spaces for Healthcare Excellence

At Guardian Access Solutions, we are dedicated to not just meeting but exceeding them with innovative access solutions and complete access solutions tailored for modern healthcare facilities. By blending advanced technology with a user-centric approach, we make sure that every aspect of your healthcare security, from parking to patient access, is not only a service but a seamless and reassuring part of your facility’s operation. Contact Guardian today to enhance the safety and security of your healthcare environment because the safety of your staff, visitors, and property remains our utmost priority.