row of yellow ventilated commercial overhead doors

Across the globe, NOAA named 2023 the hottest year on record. Last year’s excessive heat led to new lows in Antarctic sea ice, widespread Canadian wildfires, and nearly $100 billion in losses from weather-related disasters in the US alone. Every state in the country had a higher meteorological temperature in 2023 than their averages in the prior century. The states we service ranked pretty high in the Top 25 hottest, with Florida and Georgia in the Top 5 and Tennessee coming in at Number 12.

Benefits of Overhead Door Ventilation

Because of the sweltering heat, most businesses will keep windows and overhead doors closed to increase the efficiency of their air conditioning system. Any season can be miserable in expansive open-air commercial spaces and warehouses. However, if you don’t ventilate your overhead door, it can also be costly or dangerous, not just for you but your commercial equipment as well. Here are some of the benefits of implementing overhead door ventilation:

Improved Air Qualityventilated overhead doors for parking garage
The air quality in parking garages is heavy with exhaust fumes and other airborne contaminants that could cause further damage to your equipment. It’s also worth mentioning that highly polluted air will smell foul without proper ventilation.

Prevent Damage from High Humidity
Excessive heat and moisture can lead to rising humidity levels that if left unchecked could cause extensive issues for your business. Not only are there mold and mildew risks, but high humidity can also cause damage to building materials and even electrical wiring.

Energy Efficient
Installing insulated commercial overhead doors or doors with ventilation slats can help keep energy costs down by adding extra protection against the elements.

You can have your existing overhead doors retrofitted with fenestrated slats for improved passive airflow or have new doors with built-in active ventilation systems installed. Parking facilities need extra ventilation to rid the air of exhaust fumes, while manufacturers need to keep humidity levels down to prevent material degradation. Ventilation needs for overhead doors vary by business, and Guardian Access Solutions can meet them all.

Service and Maintenance to Prepare and Protect

Overhead door ventilation is just one part of the maintenance servicing process offered by Guardian Access Solutions. From commercial overhead doors to secure parking management systems, CCTV, and security access controls, Guardian can handle service and maintenance whether we installed it or not.

Our combined thirty years of experience in the commercial security industry and the 15,000 service calls we handle each year show that you’re in capable hands. If you have a business in Florida, Georgia, or Tennessee that could benefit from some extra ventilation this summer, give Guardian a call.