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  • Adapting Modern Security Measures for Historic Properties


    Installing commercial security systems in newly constructed buildings is a pretty straightforward process. The wiring for access control systems and video surveillance can be run at the same time as electric wiring for a seamless installation and is minimally invasive. Commercial properties that are already built require more invasive installation techniques like cutting into drywall or concrete walls for wiring ...

  • 10 Tips for Keeping Your Pool Gate Operational


    Now that warmer temperatures are starting to show up regularly, you know what that means! Public and private outdoor pools will be opening all across the south, which is usually only good news for those who get to jump in and enjoy them. From providing a pool gate for secure access to promoting water safety, those managing and maintaining public ...

  • Hurricane Ready – Protecting Your Gates


    As we move into the first month of Spring here in the southern states, we have new weather events to worry about when it comes to protecting your gates. Spring roars in like a lion from March through May with severe weather outbreaks that could bring damaging winds, hail, and tornados. As it goes out like a lamb, don’t expect ...