Commercial security equipment in high heat

Summer is right around the corner, and it brings higher temperatures and humidity levels with it here in the South. Florida, Tennessee, and Georgia all fell in the top ten most humid states last year:

  • Tennessee – 83.8% humidity
  • Georgia – 84.83% humidity
  • Florida – 85.58% humidity

damage from high humidity on a commercial buildingThe national average is 77.2%, so businesses in those states tend to suffer the consequences of high humidity quite often. Not only does that mean higher utility bills to keep the air conditioning going, but high humidity can also wreak havoc in commercial buildings in many ways:

  • Creates a stuffy and oppressive atmosphere
  • Promotes the growth of mold and mildew
  • Causes structural damage like warped wood, metal corrosion, and even cracks in concrete

How to Protect Your Security Equipment in High Humidity

While some businesses can place a dehumidifier in areas impacted by high humidity, it’s not feasible for all commercial properties. We put together ten different ways to protect your security equipment from humidity.

  1. Install sensors that monitor humidity levels throughout your commercial property so you can identify areas that need immediate attention.
  2. Have your commercial HVAC system checked to ensure it is the proper size for your facility. Since older HVAC systems don’t have integrated humidity controls, an upgrade could be in your future.
  3. Place dehumidifiers in areas where immediate attention is needed to lower humidity levels to prevent damage, such as control rooms where you keep sensitive electronics like CCTV equipment.
  4. To prevent condensation on the lenses of outdoor security cameras and thus obstructing the view, place a desiccant such as silica gel in the housing to remove moisture from the immediate air.
  5. You can also use silica gel packets to prevent rust on metal components of security equipment in enclosed spaces.
  6. Consider installing a mantrap to lower the chances of letting humidity in as employees come and go. This entry method features a small space between two access-controlled doors and can help keep commercial facilities airtight.
  7. Installing ventilated overhead doors will help keep air circulating in expansive areas of your commercial property.
  8. Make sure all electrical wires and cables are waterproof to prevent damage or dangerous conditions that could cause electrocution.
  9. All exterior security equipment should have proper housing to protect it from not only heat and humidity but also snow, ice, and storm conditions as well.
  10. Keep all interior and exterior commercial security equipment properly serviced and maintained no matter what the weather conditions may be.

Preventative Protection in Humid Conditions

When you keep your access components properly maintained throughout the year, they perform better in extreme conditions. No matter who installed your security access equipment, Guardian Access Solutions will gladly provide preventative maintenance services to keep your system in working order all year round.


With thirty years of combined experience in the commercial security industry, you can trust the work we put into every service call we provide. To protect your security equipment from humidity this summer, call Guardian today.