Person uses their mobile phone as their key to enter their hotel room.

The security installed on your commercial or industrial property is a strategic asset. The security of your business is increasingly under threat. The alarming rise in theft, both in retail and construction sectors, underscores the urgency of upgrading to smart access control systems integrated with IoT technology.

Theft Increase in Retail & Construction

Recent data paints a concerning picture of theft in the United States. According to Forbes, a staggering 90% of small business retailers nationwide have experienced theft, with losses ranging between $500 and $2,500 monthly. The impact is not just financial but a strike against these businesses’ operational integrity and safety.

In the construction sector, the situation is equally dire. Deep Sentinel reports an estimated annual loss of one billion dollars from equipment theft on construction sites, not including the cost of stolen raw materials or the loss of productivity. The average cost of a single instance of equipment theft is a whopping $30,000.

Additionally, Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee are among the ten states listed by the National Equipment Register for construction equipment theft.

IoT – Revolutionizing Access Control

Person views their business CCVE feed on their mobile device from their home. Integrating the Internet of Things (IoT) in access control systems marks a significant advancement in security technology. By connecting devices over the internet, these systems offer real-time insights and control, enhancing security with the capability to monitor and manage access points remotely.

This advancement is crucial for protecting businesses, hospitals, construction sites, and industrial and commercial properties. Considering that small businesses report monthly losses of up to $2,500 due to theft, implementing effective access control is no longer optional but a critical necessity.

Here are some examples of the diverse IoT access solutions available:

  • Biometric Systems: Provide a personalized and foolproof security layer using unique biological traits for identification and access.
  • Mobile-Based Access: Enhance convenience and flexibility in access control, allowing entry through smartphones or other mobile devices.
  • Wireless Systems: Offer easy integration and scalability, ideal for adapting to various environments and security needs.

Tailored Security Integration for Your Industry’s Unique Needs

Understanding that each business type has its distinct security challenges and requirements, the right approach to access control is one that’s not just comprehensive, but also highly customized. Whether you manage a residential complex, a healthcare facility, a corporate office, a commercial space, or an industrial site, integrating smart access control with other security systems can be a game-changer. It’s about creating a unified security solution that resonates with the specific needs of your industry.

Let’s explore how these tailored solutions enhance security across various niches:

Community Living (Apartments)

  • Gates with Touchless Entry: Elevate residential security with gates that offer touchless entry, blending convenience with safety.
  • Integrated Surveillance Systems: A combination of access control and CCTV for comprehensive oversight of resident safety.


  • Intercom NICU Scanner Systems: Secure sensitive areas like NICUs with specialized access systems, ensuring restricted and safe entry.
  • Biometric Access for Restricted Areas: Implement biometric systems for secure access to critical zones like pharmacies and records rooms.

Business Offices

  • Mobile-Based Access Control: Provide employees with flexible, secure access through mobile credentials, streamlining daily operations.
  • Visitor Management Systems: Efficient visitor access systems that balance security with a welcoming environment.

Commercial Space

  • Cloud-Based Management: Centralized access management for multiple tenants or units, offering security with scalability.
  • Automated Entry Systems: Systems that automate entry for customers and staff, optimizing both flow and security.

Industrial Facilities

  • Ruggedized Access Control: Durable access systems designed for the demanding environments of industrial sites.
  • Surveillance Integration: Combine access control with advanced surveillance systems for a comprehensive security approach in high-risk areas.

Parking Management

  • Automated Access Control for Parking Areas: Implement systems that control vehicle access to parking areas, enhancing security and managing traffic flow.
  • License Plate Recognition Systems: Use advanced technology for vehicle identification, ensuring only authorized vehicles access the parking area.
  • Integrated Payment and Access Systems: Combine payment systems with access control for streamlined operations in commercial parking spaces.

Each solution is crafted to address the unique challenges of your industry, ensuring a secure, efficient, and tailored approach to safeguarding your business.

The Urgency of Upgrading Your Security

With theft rates climbing and the cost of losses mounting, the urgency to upgrade or install effective access control systems cannot be overstated. It’s not just about preventing financial loss. It is about safeguarding the future of your business. By integrating IoT, your business enhances security, improves operational efficiency, and improves your bottom line by deterring theft.

At Guardian Access Solutions, we specialize in cutting-edge access control solutions tailored to your business’s unique needs. Our experience in IoT and smart technology ensures that your security system is a dynamic asset, contributing to the success and safety of your business. Reach out to Guardian today to discuss how we can tailor a security strategy that meets the individual needs of your business, keeping you one step ahead in safety and efficiency.